Letters By Esther Pollard

Date: Jerusalem, August 13, 1996

From: Esther Zeitz-Pollard

To: Prime Minister Netanyahu

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu, My husband Jonathan Pollard has languished for 11 years now in an American prison., for his activities on behalf of the State of Israel. He has no more strength left. I do not know how much longer he can hang on. Mr. Prime Minister, what you did do or what you did not do on Jonathan's behalf during your last trip to Washington is of little import at this time. What does matter is what you intend to do now to save the life of Jonathan Pollard... Mr. Prime Minister, it is time for the Jewish leader of the Jewish State to act in a manner befitting a Jewish leader and through strong actions to let the Americans know that Jewish blood is not cheap. That as a nation we demand equal justice, and we insist on fair and equal treatment as a close and reliable ally. We deserve at least the same treatment that the Saudis received when an American Naval officer, Michael Schwartz (a non-Jew), was caught spying for them. Schwartz, who committed the exact same offense as Jonathan, did not one day in prison, because the Americans did not want to offend the Saudis!

Mr. Prime Minister, all that the nation expects of you is to stand strong, and do the right thing. And if indeed you do so, then with the help of G-d, and in the merit of the nation's complete unity on the issue of freeing Jonathan Pollard, Jonathan will be released and speedily returned home...

Mr. Prime Minister, I implore you from the bottom of my heart, act now to save my husband's life. All you have to do is your part as the leader of the Jewish People; and the G-d of Israel will do the rest!


Esther Pollard

By Esther Pollard, (February 2, 1997)

An Urgent Appeal to Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu, My husband, Jonathan Pollard, is experiencing numerous daily bouts of hemorrhaging. He is waking up every morning with his pillow and shirt drenched in blood. This is the result of a severe chronic sinus condition that has been recently exacerbated by the extreme heat in his cell, and the total lack of humidity in the environment. Jonathan's bouts of hemorrhaging have become so severe that the guards have beg unto record them as part of the prison record. The prison doctor says that Jonathan needs an operation, and prison officials are sympathetic, but their hands are tied by the U.S. Government's excessive security precautions regarding Jonathan's movements. This prevents prison officials from taking Jonathan immediately to a nearby hospital, as they would do for any other inmate. Prison officials themselves are extremely frustrated that they are not able to act in an immediate and timely fashion to secure medical attention for Jonathan outside of the prison. All of Jonathan's symptoms are exacerbated by his intense frustration, stress and anguish over the Israel government's unwillingness to act decisively to bring this affair to an end. You and the Government of Israel are therefore, in part, responsible for my husband's prolonged, severe suffering. Jonathan and I noted with anguish your and Minister Kahalani's public expressions of deep concern for the deteriorating health of terrorist Sheik Yassin, and that the government is now considering releasing this terrorist on compassionate grounds. Would that such deep concern were shown for an Israeli citizen who has spent the last 12 years of his life languishing in an American prison for his activities on behalf of the Jewish State. With all due respect, Mr. Prime Minister, if Israel is prepared to honor the United States' "request" with regard to Sheik Yassin, surely the United States can be expected to make a parallel gesture to Israel by releasing the ailing Jonathan Pollard. We have been given to understand that Jonathan Pollard is a high priority on the agenda for your upcoming trip to Washington this month. Mr. Prime Minister, your own government guidelines state that you will "negotiate with the relevant parties (for Jonathan's release) at every opportunity. "Under strong pressure from the United States, Israel has made enormous, dangerous concessions over Hebron. It is fair and reasonable, "between close friends and strong allies," for the United States to a make asymbolic compensatory gesture - but Israel first has to ask for it! With the help of the United States, Arafat has succeeded in securing the release of terrorists with Jewish blood on their hands. It is inconceivable that, 12 years later, Israel is unable to secure the release of one of her citizens from the same United States - her ally and "partner" in the peace process. An extraordinary window of opportunity to secure Jonathan's unconditional release now presents itself, to be exploited in your upcoming meeting with President Clinton. Mr. Prime Minister, it is incumbent upon you to bring Jonathan Pollard home with you once and for all - home to the land for which he sacrificed everything. Respectfully yours, Esther Pollard (Mrs. Jonathan Pollard ).



By Esther pollard (October 26, 1996) - The Jerusalem Post - International Edition

Here are some of the facts Mr. Rodan did not present:

  1. After nine month of intensive polygraphing, the FBI concluded that Jonathan Pollard is "an ideologue." He did not act (as the article suggests) for "fun and profit," but out of deep conviction.
  2. Jonathan Pollard did not derive any financial benefit from his activities on behalf of Israel. This fact was recognized by the sentencing judge, who accept the FBI polygraph results and imposed no monetary fine, as is standard procedure in cases where there has been financial gain.
  3. Legally, "treason" refers to aiding or abetting an enemy state. Israel is an ally, not an enemy. Jonathan Pollard did not commit treason, nor was he ever charged on that count.
  4. Again, in concurrence with the results of intensive FBI polygraphing, Jonathan Pollard was charged only with acting "on behalf of Israel" and not against the United States.
  5. Jonathan Pollard never had a trial. He waived his right to a trial in return for a plea agreement which the America government subsequently violated on every point, including the life sentence. (Who bargains for a life sentence?!)
  6. Jonathan Pollard tried to appeal on the basis of the broken plea agreement. The appeal was rejected on a technicality (that it had not been filed on time). Judge Steven Williams wrote a minority opinion, castigating the decision to deny relief in a case which he described as "a complete and gross miscarriage of justice."
  7. The International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists, consisting of 300 members from 22 countries, concluded that the sentence meted out to Jonathan Pollard is "grossly disproportionate when compared with others who committed similar offenses, and even in comparison to sentences of those who committed much more serious." This issue was not addressed in the article.
  8. Jonathan Pollard was never indicted for harming the United States - nor will he ever be - because there isnít a shred of evidence to support such a charge. Exaggerated allegations of damage that have been bandied about in the press are not supported by (non-classified) legally documented accounts, such as the "Victim Impact Statement" which is a key document in Jonathanís "Pre-Sentencing Interview."
  9. Jonathan Pollard does not have any information that is of any value to anyone today. In an age of electronic media, the mere suggestion that stale, out-dated information, 11 years old, has any value is laughable.
  10. After 11 years of living under a microscope, Jonathan Pollard wishes only to lead a quiet, productive life as a productive citizen. He has signed legal documents to this effect.
  11. The State of Israel has given Jonathan Pollard citizenship and has accepted full responsibility for him, now and in the future. As Americaís closest, most reliable ally in the Middle East, that ought to be enough.

The foregoing are some of the more striking facts which ought to have been presented as a counter-balance to the allegations Mr. Rodan served up in quotes. It is puzzling that he did not seek or present counter quotes from knowledgeable sources.

Jonathan Pollard is fighting for his life. In relying on unnamed Israeli government sources, Mr. Rodan hides behind a veil of anonymity which both undermines my husbandís fight for his life and raises serious ethical questions about credibility.

It is also troubling that, in lending legitimacy to unauthorized, self-appointed spokespersons - long since removed from the case - Mr. Rodan undermines the legitimate activities carried out by Jonathan Pollardís authorized spokespersons - his attorney, Larry Dub, and his wife, Esther Pollard.

It is not clear what purpose this article was meant to serve. But what is clear is that it does not serve the purpose of truth.


Esther Pollard